How Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe Will Get to Know You

The Taiwa Acrobats troupe will soon be back in Taipei, but with a much different lineup.

The troupe is set to perform on May 30, which marks its 30th anniversary.

The new incarnation of the troupe, which is based in the capital’s Kowloon neighborhood, will also be playing on the same stage, but will not be part of the group’s tour.

The group, which was originally known as the Taiweenacrobats, has been performing for over a decade.

The troupe’s members, who are all in their 50s, have played the same number of concerts since forming in 1996, according to its website.

They were originally known for their music, and they have been performing in the Kowloons neighborhood for more than 20 years, and in recent years have performed in many other cities across Taiwan.

The new Taiwai Acrobat group will feature members of the original troupe and its alumni.

The band will be led by Taiwanese rapper Tao Wei, who will perform with fellow hip-hop star Liu Ching-yan.

The other members of TaiWai Acro are singer-songwriter Chia Lin-yan, singer-actress Yoon Shun-cheng, rapper-actors Lin Chen-koo and Yang Wen-jie, and singer-comedian Kim Hee-jung.

The Taiwo Acrobates will perform alongside TAIWAI and its former members.

The current incarnation of TAIWEENACRATS, which has also performed in cities like Hong Kong and Taipei before, will perform its first concert on May 29.

The tour will run through June.

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