How the Taiwan acrobat’s troupe won a major award

The Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe, one of the best performing performers in the world, had its first big win at the Beijing International Opera Festival, becoming the first troupe in China to win a major artistic award in recent years.

The troupe troupe’s win for best performer in the 2018 Hong Kong International Opera Competition was a major coup for the Taipei Opera, which has a long history of winning artistic awards in Taiwan, including the award for best performing group.

The troupe performed the new production of “Sangyuan” by Taiwan’s leading troupe Taipei Ballet.

Its performance was highlighted in a short film that aired on YouTube in June 2018.

The video showed the troupe performing a ballet routine that was adapted from an old Chinese poem that was written in the early 1900s.

The choreography and music for the trouper troupe performance was done by Taipei’s Ballet Theatre.

The winning choreographer for the performance is Tzu-Ling Zhang, who also did choreography for the 2018 Beijing International Competition.

“Sagyuan,” the second choreography of the Taiyo Ballet, was also an inspiration for the winning choreography.

The winning choreographers and choreographers for the two performances of the 2018 China International Opera Awards were Taipei, and Tzu Li-Ming Wang, the winner of the 2016 Shanghai International Opera Award.

The 2018 China Opera Award winners, including Tzu and his Ballet troupe and Taipei (who had the most performances), were announced in a press conference held in the Taiyuan Theater in Beijing on June 11, 2018.

The Taiyo troupe was awarded the 2018 IFAA Best Ballet and the 2018 Shanghai International Ballet Award.

The award winners were also the winners of the 2017 and 2017 China International Ballets Competition.

“We were not expecting to win so big, especially since we didn’t know how to do this dance choreography,” Tzu told Reuters news agency.

“The main reason is that we were all very young.

We had just started to learn our dance choreographing skills and were all excited to show it off to the audience,” Tzuo added.

Taiwan was one of only a few countries to win the 2018 International BalLET Award, with the award winning troupe winning the 2018 competition in Taiwan.

Taipei won the 2018 award for the first time.