When You’re Not Wearing a Dress, Wear a Wigs

A dance troupe in New York has been getting a lot of buzz in recent months.

Now, the troupe is making a comeback after a six-month hiatus.

And for the last six months, the group has been performing in New Orleans and Philadelphia, but it has been in New Jersey for a while now, performing in clubs like The Fillmore East and the Plaza.

“We’ve been going out to play in clubs for six months,” the group’s co-founder, Alex Cottle, told the Washington Post.

“The band members and I were going to go back home and play, but then we decided to do it in the states.”

Cottle said the group will play at the National Park Service’s Recreation Center in Washington, D.C. next month.

“They really are bringing the art back to the states,” he said.

“They’re bringing back some of the fun that we’ve been missing.”