Why did a man try to hijack an airplane and kill a bunch of people?

The man who allegedly tried to hijacks an Air Canada Boeing 777 and kill four people and injure more than 150 others aboard Sunday night had been a long-time member of a jonathan acrobats group, according to a CBC News report.

The man was identified as a 26-year-old Canadian who has been on the FBI’s radar since last year after a Facebook post showed him posing with a gun and holding a gun on his head.

The post appeared to be a joke but the man appeared to have serious intentions to do harm, according a report from CBC.

The suspect is a man in his 20s who was spotted wearing a mask, and had a beard and was carrying a backpack that appeared to contain a gun, CBC reported.

In the post, the suspect wrote: I’m going to kill the whole world.

I will take your job and your freedom and the freedom of all of you.

I am going to take everything from you, and I will not hesitate to kill you.

We all have the power to do what we want.

We can do whatever we want, because this is the future.

If you do not believe this is happening, you must get out of your country, because the government is running you down.

We will make you pay for this.

If the government decides to kill all of us, I will make it possible to kill everyone in the world, and you will pay for it.

It was unclear why the man was carrying the weapon, but he appeared to belong to a jeonathan acrobat troupe, CBC said.

The Canadian government told CBC the government has no immediate plans to take action against the suspect.