Chinese Acrobatic Team in Indianapolis: An Indoor Acrobatically Troupe

Chinese AcroBatic Team Indoor Indianapolis (ACIT) is a professional team from Beijing, China.

ACIT is one of the most recognized and recognizable acrobats in China and they perform in various national competitions, such as the Chinese New Year Festival, the Chinese Boxing Association’s World Boxing Championship, and the Chinese Martial Arts Championship.

The team has been performing in Indianamps annual World Acrobats competition since 2012.

The group is led by two brothers, Xuzhong Li and Yang Zhe.

ACIIT has a long history of performing and performing well in competitions, having performed at the Chinese National Boxing Federation (CNBF) World Boxing Championships in 2016 and at the CNBF Asian Boxing Championships.

The ACIT acrobatics troupe also performs in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) annual parade in the Beijing, Beijing, and Tianjin, respectively.

ACBIT is a part of ACIT’s World Championship team which is also led by Xuzhang Li.

ACID was first announced in 2018.

The band is based in Beijing, which is the capital of China.

The duo of Xuzhe Li and Xuzhan Wang were born in Beijing in 1976.

ACBAT was created by Xudong Zou and Yang Xiaoming, both of whom are from Beijing.

ACBI was created in 2018 by Zhenxue Zhao and Xiao Zhao, both from Beijing and Hong Kong.

ACIC is based out of the U.S. state of Illinois.

The Chicago band is made up of three members and their drummer, Li Zhang.

ACIM was created out of two of the ACIT brothers and a drummer from Beijing in 2012.

ACIS is based on a group of Chinese acrobators and dancers.

ACIO is based around a group from China.