Chinese troupe wins the ‘Best in Show’ award in China

A Chinese trouper from the Nanjing Acrobatic Group has won the “Best in Service of Arts” award at the Shanghai International Acrobats Festival, an event that was held on Tuesday.

The award was handed out by a panel of judges, including the Shanghai Amateur Acrobat Association.

The show, dubbed the “Chinese Acrobati Festival”, was the first in a series of Chinese Acrobatus festivals that are being held across China.

The group had previously won the award in 2013.

The Chinese Acrobat trouper, which has not been named, was chosen by the audience for their performances at a local Chinese theatre.

The troupe also won the prize for “professional performance” and their “artistic skills”.

The Acrobata Festival, which was first held in Hong Kong in 1874, attracts thousands of people from around the world to the city every year.

Chinese acrobats perform for audiences in various locations around the country.

The annual festival, which is organised by the Chinese Association of Acrobated Opera, is an annual event that has grown in popularity in recent years.

The organisers are currently organising the second annual Chinese Acro-Tours festival.