Taejo troupe joins Haiku and Acrobatic, the new anime by Naoki Tanaka, for first season in July

Taejiwa troupe is joining Haiku, the upcoming Japanese anime that premieres on July 4, and is preparing to launch its own anime series, the company said in a news release on Wednesday.

Haiku is a comedic-drama that follows a haiku-writing troupe.

The company said Taejao will collaborate with Haiku director and producer, Naoki Takaizawa, on the new series.

The Taejō troupe also has a Japanese anime film project that will premiere in 2019.

The company will release the Haiku series in July and Haiku anime series in 2020, the release date announced.

The Haiku company said the anime will include original songs by Taejon, the songstress behind popular Japanese anime characters.

The anime is based on a haikus from a Japanese school.

The series will air on Tokyo MX and NTV, according to the company.

The animation studio and the series creator are both based in Tohoku, and are known for their works in the world of high school life.

Taejo said the Taeju troupe will perform in its home country, Tohong-do, for the first time in Japan.

It is the first foreign-based troupe to join the Haikyu, which was formed in 2001 by Japanese students to pursue their dreams.

The troupe has performed at festivals in Tōhoku, Japan, Japan’s central Tokyo, and Osaka, and has sold out its performances.

The troupe was established in 2010, and the company began releasing anime in 2014.

In 2017, it announced it was expanding its overseas presence with a partnership with the Japanese version of the BBC TV series, “Hakusenshou.”

The new Haiku shows will be a new direction for the troupe that is aiming to create a new, diverse and authentic musical world.

“Haiku and Taejin” was created by Naoko Shimada, the same artist who wrote the Haikei manga.