Why Chinese acrobats won’t let Chinese tourists on their show

JINAN, China – The Chinese acrobat duo that won the Beijing International Acrobatic Festival in October may not have much of a show at home.

But they did win the International Circus Festival, the world’s biggest circus carnival, at the end of a four-day festival in northern China on Saturday.

Chinese acrobat duo, Jinan Acrobats, left, and Chinese acro ballet troupe Jinan, are shown in a screen grab taken from their official Instagram account on August 24, 2018.

The Beijing International Circus festival was the largest circus carnivals in China to date.

Organisers said the festival featured an unprecedented number of international talent.

The three-day carnival is held in the capital, Beijing, but is also held in other cities including Nanjing and Chengdu.

The international circus festival takes place in the city every three years.

The show on Saturday, which was attended by more than 200,000 spectators, saw Jinan and Jinan’s acrobatically talented choreographer, Jinhua Li, and Jinhua’s acrobat, Yang, dance with international stars such as Tom Hiddleston, Jon Voight and Johnny Depp.

Jinhua and Jinhan’s choreographer Jinhua Lin performs the Chinese acrocodile troupe dance with her two dancers, Jinhao Li, left and Yang, right.

The performance by Jinhua and Yang was filmed for a new documentary, Jinhan Acrobat: The Chinese Acrobat.JINAN: The two dancers of Jinhua were very energetic.

I think they were really proud of the performance.

I also feel very happy for the two young dancers.JUNHAN: I’m very happy to see them, and happy to work with them.JL: I was really excited to see their choreography.

They’re very talented, and they’re really happy to be performing.

They are really young.

I really enjoyed the show.

JL: They were really energetic, very talented.JH: I like the show because they’re very young.

I’m sure they’ll get better.JY: They’re so young.

JY: So they are really talented.

They have so much talent.

I think they’re just doing their job, they’re so happy to do it.

They are so happy, and I think I enjoyed it very much.

I like to do acrobatics, but it’s not as easy as I thought it was.

I had the feeling that it’s a little difficult for them, but the choreography was very good, very fast.JAN: You are so beautiful, Jinuan.JN: Thank you very much for the performance, Jin Hua, the director of Jinan.

JN: Jin Hua.JULIAN: Thank your director Jin Hua!

JULIANY: Thank my director Jin Hui!JUN: I love your performance.

JUNH: Thank.JW: Thank our director.

JW: I think Jin Hua is very good.JEN: Thank, Jin Hao.JE: Thank for the wonderful performance.JI: Thankful to have been in the show, Jin Yang, the manager of Jinhao.JUAN: Thank goodness.

Thank you so much, Jinyang.JIU: Thank-you very much, and thank you very, very much!

JI: Thanks Jin Yang!JIAN: Congratulations!JIN: Thank all you guys.

Thank you very very much thank you.

Thank-you.JACOB: Thank God you’re coming back.

Thank god!JAC: Thank god.JABRU: Thank the Lord, thank you!JABER: Thank You so much!

Thank You very much very much Thank You very, thank.JAKI: I feel very lucky.JACK: Thank Your Majesty.JON: Thanking you very.JAY: Thank u very much to the Lord.JOHAN: This is great, thank u very very very Much.JIM: Thank All.JONES: Thank U, Thank You, thank You very Much, thank U very very, Thank u.

Thank You, Thank Your Lord.

Thank u, Thank-You, Thank, Thank you.

Hello, we’re the BBC World Service’s live studio team at the International Acrobat Festival in Beijing, China.

The BBC is in charge of live coverage of the Beijing circus.