French acrobats troupe performs a French dance at St James’ Park

A French acrobat duo, one with a French accent and one without, performs a traditional French dance in St James Park.

It is part of a French Acrobats’ summer programme at St. James’ park.

It is called the Festival of Dances and Dance.

The choreography is from the French choreographer Jean-Paul Dumont, known for his films like La Vie En Rose and Le Dainte.

The troupe performed in a number of French dance festivals last year including the Paris Festival of Dance.

This year’s dance was inspired by the traditional French dances and the Paris City Dancers, who are an elite troupe in Paris that is sponsored by the French government.

The dancers, who have been training for a decade, are dressed in traditional costumes.

The dance is performed with the help of the local dancers who provide music.

The French Acrobat’s troupe also has a festival at St Thomas More church in Oxford, the home of the Oxford University Acrobatics.

It will also perform in London in May and July.

It was filmed in a traditional Parisian style with the French dance troupe.