What you need to know about Taiwan acrobatics, acrobats and spellbound performers

A troupe of Chinese acrobatics has won an Emmy for best acrobat in a live performance for their spellbound performance of the national anthem.

The troupe performed the song “Serenade for the National Anthem” on Tuesday night in Taipei, Taiwan, at the Taiwanese Academy of Sciences and Technology.

The performance was aired on the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

The show’s producers, who are known as “Taiwan Acrobats,” say the performance was filmed in Taiwan and then aired in China.

It was filmed on a rooftop in Taiwan and was also streamed online.

In a statement released on the troupe’s website, the team wrote that “We hope to inspire the nation to take an active role in the cultural and spiritual development of Taiwan.”

Taiwan’s National Academy of Arts and Sciences, which hosts the show, said in a statement that it was “excited about the achievement of the Taipei Academy of Acrobatic Arts troupe in the National Academy Awards for the best performance in a solo performance by a Taiwanese group in a film.”

The troup was created by two students in the university’s School of Acrobatics.

The students said they had been looking for a “unique” way to perform the national song.