What to know about the new “Circa Acrobatic” series

Former “Circumstances” star and “Acrobatic”-trained acrobat Tony Dezani was born in California, and his name comes from his father, John Dezania.

He became a professional acrobat in the 1960s and later became a world-class athlete and performer in the sport of acrobatics.

Dezanian starred in “Acrobatics,” which aired in 1978.

ABC is re-running the original series for three more seasons.

ABC says that “Circus Acrobatics” is the longest-running series on ABC.

“Acro” is a combination of “acrobat” and “dancer.”

In the first episode of the first season, a circus performer and his bandmates are preparing for a performance when they are approached by a mysterious woman.

She says she is from a circus that was founded by a “gorgeous woman” named Lady “Lily” and is going to teach the circus performers how to perform “magic tricks.”

Lady “Lady” is an old, grumpy woman who has been in the circus for years.

She has a big mouth and a big nose.

She wears a wig and a face mask.

She is dressed like an old lady with long blonde hair.

She seems to have an older sister, who is wearing the same costume.

She doesn’t know that her sister is actually a girl.

Her sister is named “Lilly” and she’s not her sister.

The woman asks for “magic trick” and the circus performs “magic,” which she says means “show off.”

Lady Lilies eyes and hair look very much like those of a young woman who is about to go on a date.

She appears very attractive, which is what the woman wants.

She takes the circus performer, who looks like a young man, and they go on their date.

The circus performers’ date is interrupted by a young girl who tells them, “There is a man who wants to meet with you.”

They all start running.

The man is in the middle of his performance, and he starts running up to the man.

The clown starts throwing rocks at the man and hits him in the back of the head.

He falls to the ground and is knocked out cold.

They take him to the doctor, who then tells them to stay away from the man until the doctor can take care of him.

The doctors says that the man has a brain hemorrhage, and it will take three days for the man to recover.

The Circus Acrobats run into a circus with an old man who is holding a large silver bell.

He asks the circus to give him a silver bell to light his birthday cake, but he wants a gold one.

The old man then says that he is the King of the Circus, and that he has a golden bell with the name “Lolly” carved into it.

He says that if the circus lets him have it, he will give it to the King.

The King says that it’s not a good idea for him to have a gold bell in the Circus Acrobatics, so he takes it and throws it into the circus ring.

The bell hits the clown in the chest and knocks him out cold, and then the clown turns around and heads off.

The original circus was originally called “The Golden Monkey Circus.”

The Circus Amazons were also in the old circus, but they were replaced by the Circus Circus Amazo.

The new circus, however, is called “Circuit Circus Amz” and has more in common with the original circus.

The real Circus Amaza Circus Circus Circus Acro Circus Circus acrobatic troupe famous acrobats,circumstance acrobat,acrobatic,trio,acrobatic source ABC title ‘Circus Circus AmAZ’ returns for 3rd season article ABC will return to its original “Circas” series for a third season.

The “Circle Circus Amazz” is set in the 1970s and has some of the best performers in the world.

The series follows a circus troupe called “Amazons” that were originally called the “Circuse Amazos.”

The Amazones had a reputation for being violent and for using violence in order to entertain the masses.

After a series of attacks on circus performers, they were forced to close the circus.

However, the circus trouper who started the new circus is determined to reopen the circus and is determined that his circus will be a “normal” circus.

It is a very popular show in California.

The show’s name is a reference to the Circus Amaze, the band that performed at the original Circus Circus.

It has a lot of people watching it.

ABC said that “Amazz” has some “tough characters” who will try to help their performers and “succeed in a real