A Chinese acrobat performing magic trick in Singapore

Chinese acrobats have been performing a magic trick for over 20 years in Singapore, a country famous for its magical creatures.

Chinese acrobat Chih Lin was born in Shanghai in 1988 and trained in acrobatics at the Hong Kong International School.

In 2005, Chih joined the National Acrobatic Company of Singapore (NACSC) and began performing in Singapore.

In 2009, Chiang became the first Chinese acro dancer to appear on the Singapore stage, at the National Convention of Singapore.

Chiang performed with the National Magic Club Singapore and the Singapore Royal Academy of Magic in 2013.

Singapore’s Ministry of Tourism announced that Chih has performed magic tricks for over 30 years.

Chih was born to a Chinese family and studied in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Chih told The Straits Times that she wanted to give back to the community.

“I want to bring a sense of happiness to the people who are suffering because of the recent floods,” she said.

“If they are lucky, they may also find some happiness through this.”

If they have lost everything, I think they would be happy for it to be brought back to life.

It is a great chance for the people to give something back.

“She also said that magic trick was not for everyone.”

A magic trick performed by Chih at the Singapore National Convention in Singapore in 2012.”

It’s really just a form of magic.”

A magic trick performed by Chih at the Singapore National Convention in Singapore in 2012.

Photo: Chih ChiangChih said she started her own company in 2005 to provide the community with safe, affordable acrobatical services.

The business has performed in China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Chi said the magic trick is an expression of her love for the Chinese people and the acrobat.

“This magic trick has come to represent the essence of the Chinese culture and to be able to share that with the people,” she added.