How to make the perfect acrobat around the world

The most iconic acrobats in the world are not those who are renowned in their country.

Instead, they are those who can be seen as the pinnacle of acrobatics.

That is why it is important to pay particular attention to their culture.

That means understanding their history, their culture and their performance, said Roberta Williams, the chief acrobatic historian for the US Olympic Committee.

Williams said there are certain rules of thumb that have to be followed to determine the acrobata of any given nation.

For example, an American acrobat may have a certain style, but he may also be very different from a Chinese acrobat, she said.

“There’s some rules to it, but not all,” Williams said.

“Some of them are cultural and some are performance-based.”

There are no such hard and fast rules, though.

It is up to individual countries to decide whether their athletes are worthy of such accolades.

Here are some of the most popular acrobATs around the globe.