What do acrobats do?

The Acrobatic Company of Hong Kong, or ACK, is a non-profit organization which works with acrobatics instructors and other performers to offer free, free training and education for the public.

ACK has trained more than 20,000 performers in over 30 countries, with its website currently boasting over 30,000 members.

The ACK’s goal is to “ensure that all people have access to a safe and enjoyable world of arts and entertainment.”

ACK is not a professional troupe; it does not pay performers.

But the ACK does receive a percentage of the proceeds from its concerts.

It is not clear whether ACK receives these proceeds in a taxable way.

A report from The Wall Street Journal, however, suggested that ACK could pay performers up to HK$300,000 in royalties.

A recent BBC report from Hong Kong suggested that a group of acrobati, musicians, and dancers, including ACK members, received HK$2 million each in royalties from performances.

In a statement, ACK CEO Lee Kwang-yin said: “We are proud to be a part of this industry that offers a safe, free and affordable way to learn acrobatics, acrobatulectricity and martial arts.

We are also happy to be working together with the Ministry of Culture to support the growth of the arts.”