When ‘Hamilton’ Star Li Mingyuan Was a Teenage Girl, Her Father and the ‘Hamilton of My Life’ Story is an ‘Acrobatic’ Tale

Last year, Hamilton actress Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Lin-Ming Hao on the Broadway musical, shared a series of photos with his daughter, Li MingYuan.

In one photo, Li mingyuan, who is now 15, is seen posing with a young actor, Li Yang, in a photo taken by her father.

In the caption of the photo, the caption reads, “Auntie Li Yang is so happy and so excited to see her big brother.

I’m really excited.”

Li Mingyuans Instagram page shows her posing with the young actor Li Yang.

(Instagram/Li MingYun) Li Mingyang, meanwhile, is also pictured with his father, and in another photo posted on Instagram, Liyang’s father, a Taiwanese businessman, is shown holding Li Mingyuans hand.

In the caption, LiYang wrote, “Mom, dad and I are so happy to see my big brother!”

The photo also featured a selfie by Li Mingyaen’s mother, who was in the same photo as her daughter.

“Li Mingyang is so excited, my daughter and I were so happy for each other.

Li MingYang was so cute, I’m so happy,” Li Mingyan wrote on Instagram.

“Thanks to my mother, my sister, my dad and my dad’s son, Li Yunnan, who are the two best people I know.”

Li Yunnan is the younger brother of Li Mingyi, who played the younger Lin-Mei.

“I’m so excited!

I’m excited for my sister and her big stepmother, Lin Yang,” Li Yunnans Instagram caption reads.

“We are so thankful for our father and his son.”