How a wacky Chinese acrobats troupe is changing the way Australians think about sport

The Chinese acrobat troupe has made a splash in the world of music, with some fans calling them the ‘China Acrobatic Orchestra’.

But their acrobacy may be a little too silly for some.

More: China Acrobat Troupe will play the Brisbane Convention Centre, starting at 5pm on Monday.

The show will be on until October 14.

What you need to know about Australian rugby league: Australia is the only country to have its own professional rugby league league.

Last year’s finals saw four of the eight teams win the national title, and the team that finished the season top in the league was crowned the NRL champions.

The NRL’s competition for the next two years is set to expand to 14 teams.

It has grown to about 60 teams.

Australia has the third-highest population in the Asia-Pacific region, after China and Japan.

It is the second-largest economy in the region behind the United States.