A new generation of Chinese acrobats is growing up

In March 2018, an acrobat called Zhen Zhiyong was born.

The young woman is a student at the Shanghai University of Acrobats, and she is just the latest of a new generation that is being born.

China’s elite, who have dominated the sport for decades, are getting older and becoming more educated, and Zhen is one of them.

Her acrobate career has become something of a cult.

Zhen and her team of dancers are known as “shenzhen acrobatics troupe” (中貴領欧派), and their performances are considered a part of China’s official culture.

Zhen Zhen was born in Shenzhen, China.

“I was really excited,” Zhen told me.

“I was just getting my diploma, so I didn’t know anything about dancing.”

Zhen’s father was a school teacher and her mother was a model.

Her mother had taught Zhen that the best way to impress her father was to dance.

“She was the best dancer in my family, and when I started school, I wanted to be like her,” Zhan said.

“That’s why I wanted a dance career.

I wanted people to respect me.”

Zhan Zhen has been a dancer for about 10 years, and since she was a teenager, she has been taught by her mother, who has been teaching dance since she began teaching at age 13.

The family moved to China in 2001, when Zhen became the only girl in her class.

Her dance teacher encouraged her to pursue her dream, and by the time Zhen reached her senior year of high school, she was an elite student at Shanghai University.

Her father, who taught dance at a local dance studio, wanted Zhen to become a professional dancer, and he encouraged her by teaching her how to work with the props and choreography of the show.

After graduating high school in 2002, Zhen went on to work as a choreographer for the Shanghai Youth Academy, and later, as a director of the Shanghai Ballet, and became one of the most successful acrobates in China.

“After graduating, I got an offer to work at the Beijing Ballet,” she said.

By 2010, Zhan had been doing her own stunts for almost a decade.

But she was also learning more about the sport, and the pressure of her position and her family’s cultural background.

Zhan was given the opportunity to become an acrobat in 2012, when she was accepted into the Beijing International Acrobatic Competition (BIAC).

In 2012, Zher family decided to move to the US, where she was told that she could become an American citizen and have her dance career continue.

That was when Zhan found out about Zhen Zhong’s acrobatics troupe.

She has been performing her own shows for more than a decade, and in 2018, she made her debut in the Beijing National Ballet.

It was a huge shock to the Zhen family.

“At first, I was very surprised.

It was a shock to me.

I thought I would never be able to perform,” she told me, “but now, I feel happy.

I have so much love for this culture, and I hope to continue to be a part and a leader of it.”

“Zhen Zhung’s work has been amazing.

We feel that she is one who has done amazing things in the industry and that is why she is recognized and loved.”

Zher and her husband, Zhang Xiaoli, have been performing together for about three decades, and their choreography has become a part in the culture of the city.

Zher’s choreography is one that is both beautiful and exciting.

While the Zhens live in the US and have been able to pursue their careers, Zhe Zhen says that she wants to do more with her talents.

When I asked Zher about the challenges she has faced as an adult, she said that she has had to adjust to her new role.

“The main challenge I have had is to be more aware of what I am doing.

I am aware that I am dancing and dancing, and it is all the same,” she explained.

“But I am also learning how to be in control of my body, and that has helped me to keep my focus.”

Zhan Zher has performed at more than 30 shows, and says that there are still things she wants more of in her career.

“It has been hard, because I want to continue doing things that I love, but at the same time, I also want to be able do more things that people can relate to,” she added.

In 2018, Zshe Zhen won the Shanghai International Acrobatics Competition, and after her performance at the International Ballet Theatre,