Chinese Acrobatic Team Reveals How to Survive the Ice Storm

Chinese acrobats perform a performance during the Shanghai Olympics.

(AP Photo/Jia Zhangke)Chinese acrobates perform a musical performance during a musical event in Shanghai, China.

(AFP/Getty Images) (AFP) — As the Olympic ice storm hits the United States, Chinese acrobat team members have taken to Twitter to explain how they survive the cold.

In a series of tweets, the acrobat team explained that they had to work hard and make sure their bodies and heads are warm and dry to avoid freezing to death.

The acrobate team’s Twitter account has more than 50,000 followers, with many of the posts praising the team’s performance during an ice storm.

While it’s unlikely that the ice storm will cause a catastrophic meltdown of the United State’s ice infrastructure, the ice storms are a major concern for the United Kingdom and Europe.

“We’re doing what we can,” said one of the team members, Liu Wenqiang.

This is the first time we’ve done this, Liu said.

We need to be prepared, Liu added.

It’s going to be the most dangerous time we’ll ever see in the United Stations.

We’re going to have to survive it.

We have to be extra careful and not do anything stupid.

We have to keep it cool.

I think we’re very brave.

We know the risks.

The ice is very strong.

It’s very hard to get in the cold, so we have to make sure that we keep it warm.

We can’t let it get cold and go back down to zero, Liu told ABC News.

It’s the coldest we’ve ever been.

We had a bit of snow in China and in the US, so I think it’s going be cold here.

It’ll be the cold worst we’ve seen, Liu warned.

We’re very cold, Liu insisted.

The coldest thing I’ve ever seen, he said.

It will be a bit cold here in the U.S., Liu added, warning of “dangerous snow.”

The team is currently performing at the Shanghai Olympic Games, which kick off on Aug. 8.