A Spellbound Acrobatic Tramp performs on a stage at the 2017 World Magic Games

The world’s first spellbound acrobat has been on stage for more than a decade, and he’s still going strong.

But for all the magic, there’s still a dark side to his story.

The man behind the acrobats magic show says he was inspired by a story from his grandfather.

The story goes that a magician in a remote village used a magic wand to perform the first magic trick.

That same village, it turns out, has one of the highest rates of malaria in China.

It has the world’s highest number of children with cerebral palsy, and the country’s malaria mortality rate is nearly 80 percent higher than the world average.

“I thought it would be cool to make a show with a magician,” the man, whose name has been withheld to protect his identity, told Newsweek.

He began making magic shows in 1999 with his grandfather, and his grandfather is credited with first introducing the idea of the magician to the Chinese audience.

In 2005, the magician was the only person in China to receive the World Magic Awards’ highest honor, the World Prize for Contemporary Magic, and in 2011, he won the World Academy of Arts and Sciences’ International Magic Award for best magician.

Since the 1950s, the Chinese magician has become a symbol of Chinese people’s struggle to overcome their own limitations, according to the Beijing Times.

“The Chinese government is trying to push through a magic revolution,” the paper wrote.

“Chinese people can see their own country’s problems and understand the plight of the Chinese people and their future.

That’s why it’s very important to have a magician.

It will help make the Chinese population think of their own people, their culture, and their achievements.”

Magic, according the Times, is a form of transcendentalism.

The magician creates a physical or psychological reality out of pure magic, and often performs miracles in the process.

The trickster also creates a fantasy world, in which his or her illusions are real.

In the 1950’s, the man behind these shows says he wanted to show the world that Chinese people can be extraordinary people, and that China’s culture and magic can be something to be proud of.

The Acrobats have been performing magic shows for more as than a century, and this is the first time the show is going to be seen outside China.

There is no set date for the show, but the festival will run until January 10.

“In 2017, the year the show will be held, there will be a big celebration in the village, and I will be doing magic tricks and doing magic shows.

But then we will have a little rest,” the magician said.

The Acrobators will hold a celebration at a private home, where they will perform magic tricks.

The magician hopes that the show in China will help promote Chinese people to look back on history and the past with pride.