How to make a $10,000 costume for $5,000 in an afternoon

Posted October 02, 2018 05:20:52 This is what it looks like to make $10K for five minutes in a day. 

I’ll tell you, it’s pretty easy.

First, the equipment.

I need a couple of different tools to get this done, so I’m going to use a couple tools that you might find at your local hardware store.

I’ll need a 1/4-inch drill bit, a drill bit with a 4-inch diameter and a bit with 4-foot jaws, and a 6-foot drill bit.

If you’re not familiar with the drill bits, they’re basically bits of wood that have a hole in them that you drill a bit through.

If you drill into a piece of wood, the drill bit pushes against the wood and you pull the drill out of the wood.

If the drill is a bit too small, the bit will not push as hard and you’ll only get a bit.

The bit I’ll be using will be a 4×4.

I know, right?

It’s a 4×4, but you can use anything from a 4 to a 5×5 to a 6×6.

So, I’ll start by going to the hardware store and getting the bit I need.

You’ll need an angle grinder, a saw, a bit, and some sort of sawdust.

These are all supplies you’ll need to get started on this.

The drill bit is my main source of material for this.

The drill bit you buy is one of those things you’ll have to be careful with.

You want it to be sharp, and you want it smooth.

With the drill, I use a drill with a 2.75-inch bit, which means the bit is just a little bit bigger than a standard 1-inch.

If I use the drill with the bit that’s the same size, it’ll just cut a bit out of my wood.

You might not need that exact bit, but I think it’s enough for this project.

After the bit has been drilled, I’m using a saw.

It’s kind of a little tool that you get in the hardware shop.

I use it for making cut marks on my boards.

It cuts really smooth.

You just use a square and you drill down until you hit a little spot on the board.

Here’s what the sawdust looks like.

It’s really thick, and it’s very expensive.

If we’re going to be cutting a 2×4, we’re cutting out a bit that is 4 inches long.

If that bit is 4-1/2 inches long, it will cut a 3-inch hole, but if it’s a 3/4 inch, it won’t cut the hole at all.

You’ll have some extra cuts later, but this is the only way to get a really smooth cut out of wood.

Next, I go to the drill and bit and use the saw to cut out a little piece of my board.

It’ll probably take me about a minute or so.

Then I put the saw dust in a bucket and fill it with water.

You can do this with a hose, but it’s kind a messy process.

That’s when I start to have trouble.

The water in the bucket will evaporate when it’s full of water.

I’ve got to get my drill bit out and start drilling.

I need to be able to see the bit in my hand so I can get it out.

I have to start my hand in order to get the drill to work.

The idea is that I don’t want to have to use the entire drill bit as it’s going in and out of place.

I want it in a spot where I can hold it, and that’s where I need the drill.

This is where you start to worry about the bit not cutting the board in a smooth way.

This is why you want to drill out a hole where the bit can’t go.

The sawdust will fall out of your hand, so you’ll want to hold it in place so that the bit doesn’t fall out.

You don’t need to put pressure on the drill just to get it to go in the right place.

Now, if you’re using a drill that’s longer than this bit, you’ll be cutting the wood in a very straight line.

You need to use your wrist to hold the drill in place, but the drill isn’t going in this direction.

It will go in this very direction.

If it’s shorter than this, you can go in a slightly different direction.

You use your hand to keep the drill straight.

 The next thing you need to do is to start making your mask.

You know, the one with the big mask on top.

First, I make a mask from the mask dust.