How to Spellbound: An acrobats spellbinding video

In the 1980s, the Boston Acrobats was a magic-slinging troupe that conjured up visions of the future, but the group never quite achieved that dream.

In their early days, they performed at music festivals, and even played a few shows in the Boston area.

Their videos, which were filmed and edited by the duo Eric and Kevin Johnson, are pretty awesome.

Check them out: A few years ago, the duo released a video for their song “Mental Man,” which is a very upbeat, jazz-influenced tune.

Check out that video and some of the other songs in their catalog.

In 2015, the group released their debut album, The Spellbound.

The video for the song “Waking Up” is a pretty incredible, if slightly goofy, dance-off with a bunch of dance-offs that will definitely make you smile.

A few years later, the Acrobatic Brothers, led by guitarist Scott “Gus” Smith, released their sophomore album, It’s The Spell.

Smith and Johnson have been together for almost 20 years, so this album is probably the most popular one on the label.

It’s the first album that the brothers released with the same producer, Mark Ronson.

The album was actually released as a single, which means the songs were available on digital and physical formats, so the album was well received and was well-received by the fans.

The Spellbound is an extremely well-crafted album that captures the energy and excitement of the AcroBats.

They’re the first duo that really made it their life’s work to get to the top of the music game.

The band is a huge force in the music world, and the group has done amazing things with music over the years.

Check it out.