Chinese acrobats perform Chinese-style ‘flaming lap’ as Chinese crowd cheers

CHINA: A Chinese acrobat performed a fiery lap to the audience at a local stadium in Hebei province.

The show was performed by the Chinese acroparos troupe Nanjing Acrobat Troupe, a group that includes seven performers and a female leader, local news outlet People’s Daily reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the troupe had performed a traditional Chinese lap dance to a standing ovation, and when the crowd erupted in applause, the crowd turned around to watch the performance.

The dancers began the routine by bouncing around and dancing, then they went back to the ground.

The troupe’s leader, Zhang Ming, told the newspaper that the show was meant to “celebrate the unity of the country,” and was a way for Chinese people to express their patriotism and loyalty to the country.

A similar incident occurred last year when the group performed a similar act at a stadium in Beijing.

It was widely condemned and prompted a large-scale protest.