Milan to offer ‘free’ lessons to women

Milan will offer free lessons to female dancers in an attempt to boost female participation in the sport.

The move comes after a report in The Sun revealed that the city is one of the worst places to train female acrobats.

The club is set to offer classes for women from March 25.

It’s a welcome move for Milan’s female athletes who have been fighting to gain more recognition in the game, especially after their performances in Rio de Janeiro.

Last year the city became the first city to award its first ever women’s professional footballers, which included the former Manchester United star Luka Modric.

The women will have a new opportunity to showcase their skills on the pitch after their participation in Rio dropped to a measly six per cent last year.

“It is good to see women showing that they can compete in professional football,” said Michele De Luca, vice-president of Milan’s acrobasis association.

We are hoping to see more of that in future.””

In recent years we have seen a lot of women taking part in the games.

We are hoping to see more of that in future.”