Famous acrobats of China perform for the first time

Chinese acrobatos perform in front of crowds in front a hotel in Beijing.

The group is famous for its daring stunts, and its stunts are widely considered to be among the most impressive in the world.

The acrobaters, whose names have been changed, perform during Chinese New Year celebrations.

(Yonhap)The Chinese acrobat, nicknamed “Hebei Acrobats” by the media, performed his stunts on January 13 in Beijing’s Old City, and was in good spirits despite his injuries.

The performance was recorded by the local media, and it was widely broadcasted on China’s official Xinhua news agency.

“The acrobates have done their job, but I’m still feeling pain and exhaustion,” the 26-year-old told the media.

Hebeis were a group of acrobators that performed for over 50 years, and have been widely admired and celebrated in China for their daring stunts.

They often perform in public places in China.

(AP Photo)”I think this year is a good one for the group.

I’m excited about the new year and am ready to take the next step, so I’m looking forward to coming back to the scene,” he added.

Hebei, a city in China’s southern Heilongjiang province, is one of the biggest cities in China, home to about 1 million people.

The group of four acrobatics has performed in public for over two decades, and they have also performed in front other people, but this was the first public performance by an international group.

The Chinese Acrobatist Association says the group has performed around 500 stunts in public since 1998.

They perform to the tune of songs like “Beijing,” “Beijing,” and “Mountain Song.”

Hebeis are the largest and oldest group in China and the largest in the country.

The New Year marks the beginning of the New Year’s holiday, and the group performed their performance in front many thousands of people in Beijing, the capital of the northeastern province of Heilongshai.