A new generation of circus performers is taking off in China

A new breed of circus entertainers has taken over the streets of Chinese cities in recent years.

They’re making circus costumes that are not only more visually interesting, but also more affordable.

The acrobats are one of the newest additions to the world of circus performance.

Many of them have been trained by the National Museum of the Performing Arts, and some are part of a newly launched circus troupe.

Acrobats like the one pictured here are all paid performers, which means they’re not paid by the performance, but by the audience.

The show starts in the evening and lasts for a couple of hours.

The audience is usually composed of a group of performers who pay the performers.

A few years ago, the show became a hit among young adults.

Now, the performers are more likely to be seen on the street, which is why they’re getting more attention.

“People want to see circus performers,” said Xin Zhang, a Hong Kong-based circus performance expert.

“They want to get their feet wet.”

Acrobats perform in the Beijing circus.

In China, acrobatics are considered a form of entertainment.

The act requires performers to use special acrobat skills and to move in a particular way.

In many cases, the act is choreographed by the performers themselves.

A new generationThe new circus performers have been getting more recognition for their acrobacy, Zhang said.

In 2014, the National Circus Association, the country’s biggest circus association, gave the top spot in a nationwide competition for circus performers.

Zhang says that’s because the group of circus trouper is now recognized as the most authentic and talented performers.

The Acrobatic Festival is not the only new circus performance to be popular in China.

Zhang said that Chinese circus performers like the ones pictured above are also finding new audiences.

“Acrobatic performance is one of our favorite pastimes,” Zhang said, adding that acrobat performances are also popular in other Asian countries.

Chinese performers also like the act, so Zhang says the group will likely continue to expand in the future.

Acrobatics are also a popular pastime in many European countries, he said.

Acrobat performers, like those pictured above, perform in Beijing.