How to get $1 million from a viral video

If you’re just starting out, or you want to try something different, then you can get $500,000 from a video game trailer.

Here’s how.


You’ll need a video to make a viral clip 2.

You need to post the video online for 1 week, and make it 100% your own 3.

Then post it to your YouTube channel, and have 100% of the revenue from that video (like, 50% to 50%) split between you.


Make sure you’ve created a brand for the video and a logo.


If you get more than 50,000 views from your video, you’ll earn a cool prize.

How to Make a Viral Video (VIDEO)1.

Get a viral trailer to post on YouTube.

YouTube is the most widely-used platform for making viral videos.

You can find it at 2.

Start a YouTube channel with a name that’s a catchy enough to catch people’s attention.3.

Make a video in which you show off your talents and make fun of the people in the video.4.

Make it 100%.5.

Put up a $1,000 prize.

You should have a viral logo and name on your channel, which is awesome.

You might need to tweak the logo to make it more of a game than a video.6.

Make up a name for your channel that sounds like a funny catchphrase or catchphrase.7.

Go to YouTube, sign up for a YouTube account, and watch the video in the YouTube video app.

If it’s a new video, just make a new channel and add a new name to it.8.

Once you’ve watched it, make sure you post the $1.00 prize on your YouTube video and make sure that the video has been watched 100% by people in your YouTube group.

Make certain that people in that group have watched the video as well.9.

When people in those groups watch it, they’ll probably love it.10.

You have to be a good sport and not take advantage of your position to make money off your videos.

But hey, it’s your first time making a viral, and there’s no reason to feel bad about it.