How to Make an Acrobatic Crowd at a Chinese New Year Festival

How to make an acrobats crowd at a new Chinese New Years Festival?

Acrobatic performers from China’s popular entertainment company, Gengi, will perform at the first ever Chinese New year’s celebration in Beijing, starting on Monday.

The company is the second Chinese entertainment company to announce the date of its debut Chinese New years festival, following Gengis performance at the annual New Year’s Eve festivities in Tianjin in April.

“China is in a period of transition and its new year is a time to reflect on life,” said Zhang Xiaoguang, head of the company’s Acrobats and Circus Group.

“The festival is designed to promote unity among the people and to unite us all to create a more harmonious China.”

Last year, Gensu announced that it would stage a second New Year celebration in Tianqing, which will be the second major Chinese city to host the event.

The second Chinese New-Year’s celebration will take place in the city’s Forbidden City, where the traditional red lanterns are lit for the first time since the Communist Party came to power in 1949.

Gengi is one of the few Chinese entertainment companies to have held a Chinese festival, but the company is not alone in the country.

In 2017, the country celebrated the Lunar New Year with the second-largest ever New Year celebrations, with nearly 20 million people taking part.

Chinese New Year, known as Zhongxian in Mandarin, has become a tradition in recent years, with the traditional Chinese New Yeezy sneakers, the world’s first ever electric vehicle, and the countrys first electric car charging station also held last year.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the opening of the new festival that he hoped the event would bring more cooperation between the country and the world.