How to create a Chinese acrobatically-touristed group

A Chinese circus troupe is set to stage its biggest show to date, with the troupe’s stars performing as acrobats for a Chinese audience.

The performance, titled “The Little King”, will be broadcast live on China Central Television’s popular “China TV” channel in late April.

The troupe will be known as “The King”, as the King of China and his troupe are named in Chinese tradition.

It is set for April 19 at the Chinesun Hall in Shenzhen, a city about 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Beijing.

The show will be one of China’s biggest live entertainment events in recent years.

The audience will have to come from all over China, the country’s media outlet Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

Chinese audiences will also get to witness a few familiar faces from the Chinese circus industry, including a group of acrobators named the “Golden Lions”.

The group is composed of Chinese circus stars who have performed on Chinese television before.

The Chinese circus scene has been a hot spot for the Chinese media since 2015 when it was revealed that a Chinese circus company was allegedly selling illegal, illegal performances in China, with a large part of the revenue coming from the sale of pirated shows.

The Chinese government and many of its citizens have long called for stricter controls on the illegal industry.

China Central Television (CCTV) has a history of hosting events that have drawn the ire of foreign media, with one of its most famous broadcasts in 2017 being a fake news story about the Chinese military.

In the midst of the media backlash, the Chinese government banned the show, calling it a “false propaganda”.