How to make your own Chinese Acrobatic Troupe

The Chinese acrobats in Shanghai have created their own brand of acrobation, using the traditional Chinese dance of the ‘shu’ to dance.

The group, who perform at popular venues, is now expanding beyond Shanghai, and will soon be performing in Beijing and other cities in China.

They have also released a video of them performing at a Chinese Acrobat Show in Shanghai in 2018.

They are also planning to release their first music video for their new song, ‘The Chaining of the Stars’, later this year.

In 2017, the group released their first video for the song, which has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.

The song has now been downloaded more than 30 million times.

In 2018, they also released their second video for ‘The Clashing Stars’, which was also viewed more than two million times, and has also become a hit online.

‘The Shocking Stars’ was released on the first day of Chinese New Year, and the video was watched more than five million time.

‘I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little kid,’ Wang Xiangqi, a member of the troupe said.

‘When I saw that the video hit the top of YouTube, I was so happy, but I knew that it would only take us a few more years to get there.’

We are all just waiting for the right time to put this out.’

Wang Xiangqiu, who also performs in other countries including the US, says the band are now looking to China to further expand their repertoire.

”We have so much talent from the US and Japan that we would love to go to China and make our debut there.”

There are so many different countries that have great acrobat shows, and we are looking forward to coming to China with a few new ideas,” he said.

Wang Xiangiqi, a Chinese acrobat performer who performs at venues across China, says China has become an amazing place to perform acrobatics.

”People really appreciate the art and the people are very welcoming, and they are so kind,” he added.

Wang Jianyu, a former Chinese acroboath, has also seen the success of the group’s video, and is hoping to create the next song.

”I think it’s a great way to get our song out there to the public.”

We want to promote the music and also help people to enjoy it,” he explained.

”This song has been released for the first time, so I hope to release more songs in the future.”

I am looking forward very much to seeing the reaction and seeing how much the music is liked,” he concluded.