Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has invited a team of athletes from the country’s national acrobats troupe to participate in the inaugural parade of the countrys first presidential motorcade.

The procession will be led by Rodrigo Duterte’s personal motorcade, which has already taken the lead in the Philippines’ bid to take on the US presidential election, ahead of an Oct. 20 vote.

The President, who has promised to lead a nation in “war” against the US, has repeatedly expressed his support for the sport and its organizers, and has frequently cited the sport as an alternative to the more traditional sports of boxing and wrestling.

Duterte, who is expected to defeat the former US president in the November 6 election, has been a vocal supporter of the sport, and this year, the President held a public ceremony in the capital city to celebrate the event.

Dutere said the motorcade would also carry Duterte’s ceremonial flag and Philippine national anthem, and that it would take part in the parade, as well as other traditional Filipino events, including the procession to the Manila Cathedral for the burial of the nation’s founder, King Rodrigo.

“We’re going to have a procession to give an ovation to our President and all of us who have been fighting for the rights of Filipinos for a long time,” Duterte said at the event, which was attended by a number of dignitaries and dignitaires from the sports world.

Duty to uphold the Constitution and to respect the constitution, the Vice President said, is the most important principle for Filipinos.

The motorcade will be accompanied by a team from the Philippine Olympic Committee, and it will be able to carry out the ceremony on the steps of the Manila Palace.

The team will be comprised of professional acrobatas, as the country has no licensed professional athletes.DUTERTE SAYS PHILIPINES SHOULD NOT BEAT US ON ELECTION DAY”We need to respect our President, because we are not going to vote for someone who does not respect our Constitution and the Constitution of our country,” Duterte told reporters after the parade.

“It’s not a contest to the US.

This is an important election to elect the president.

And this is a time when we must have a fight.

And we need to fight,” he said.

Duchess of Argyll, Duchess of Ternamontes, and other senior officials from the Philippines have also participated in the annual Manila carnival, and the country is expected this year to host a second parade, the first held in May, after a string of deadly terrorist attacks that killed more than 2,500 people in the country.