Chinese circus troupe means ‘shanghai’ in Mandarin

Chinese circus performer Shaanxi Acrobatic Theater has been officially spelled “shanxi” in Mandarin, but it’s not yet known what meaning it might have for the city of Shanghai.

The Shanghai Academy of the Performing Arts has officially announced that Shaanxia Acrobatics will be officially spelled shanxi in Chinese, but the Chinese word is not used by the theater or performers.

Shanxi means “city” in Chinese.

Shansi, which means “east,” is the name of the city in Beijing.

Shansi Acrobats has performed in China for nearly 40 years and is known for its energetic, energetic, and highly energetic performances.

It also includes an acrobats’ troupe that performs in a Chinese style, and a choreographed dance troupe.

Shaanxi also has an internationally recognized choreography that has become synonymous with Chinese culture, with its choreographed shows, such as the dance and acrobatics, and choreographed performances, such in the opera.

Shaanxi Acrotracy is known to be the most energetic, talented and highly skilled group in Chinese choreography.

In addition to performing in China, the troupe has toured the world.

Shangxi Acrobatics is also known for their Chinese-language productions, and their choreographed, highly energetic and highly dramatic performances.

In 2013, the Shaanzi Acrobacy troupe was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.