Actor Nanjing acrobats troupe joins forces with other Chinese acrobat organizations

NANJING, China — An actress and singer with a show about circus performers has signed a partnership with the China National Acrobatic Association, a state-run agency, to perform at venues in the country.

Nanjing acro troupe members, whose costumes are inspired by traditional Chinese folk costumes, will perform at the Nanjing Olympic Games, the China Federation of Arts and Cultural Organizations said in a statement Tuesday.

The agency added that the troupe will perform with a traditional Chinese circus show, which includes an all-female cast of dancers and singers.

The troupe was founded in Nanjing last year and began performing shows in 2016 at the New Year’s Festival in the city.

The trouper said she and her husband were inspired to form the group because of the challenges of working in the circus industry.

Nanjie is a character in a popular Chinese folktale and has been in a number of stage and film adaptations.

She has been nominated for a number a Golden Globe Awards and has won several Chinese film awards.