Why is a new naturist group being held in the streets of Beijing?

The naturists have taken over a popular spot in Beijing’s commercial district of Nanjing.

According to the BBC, the group’s members are members of the Beijing naturism community who are looking for ways to make money from the city’s tourist economy.

The group’s leader, Li Hui, said that they were hoping to create a “naturism market” to provide tourists with something different from what they usually find in naturistic shops.

The Beijing nautics have been known to pose nude and wear costumes of various animals in the city.

The nauticals, who also perform in other Chinese cities, also use a number of stunts that are often seen in other parts of the world, including flying through the air and making “swimming” and “diving” moves.

Li also said that the group was trying to “give an alternative to tourists who come to Beijing for their annual holiday,” but also wanted to make a difference for naturisitists who may not have much money.

Li Hsiu said that, if the demand was there, they would continue to expand the naturistics business and “open the door to other types of activities in China.”

“We can’t do anything, because we’re doing this for the people,” Li told The Associated Press.

“If we can open the door, there will be more opportunities.”

The group’s first performance was held in early September.

Since then, they have also performed on the streets and in residential areas in the capital.

They’re still looking for more locations for future performances.

Last year, a group of naturistas staged a nude protest in front of a large shopping mall in Shanghai, which they claimed to have been stopped by police.

The police reportedly said they couldn’t find any reason to stop the protest.

A group of Chinese naturishas at the first naturizing exhibition at Nanjing’s Tiananmen Square in September.

Chinese naturals at the “naked street protest” in Beijing in June.

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