What’s the point of making a music video?

The music video for The Winks’ hit single “Til The Day I Die” has already been made, but it’s not quite the kind of video that will sell a single record.

The Wink acrobat, Luzia, plays a character who gets her hands on a magical ring that turns her into a circus performer.

The video, which was shot in Shanghai, has been released to the world for the first time on Friday, and its star is the 21-year-old Luzias mother.

The title “What’s the Point of Making a Music Video?” is an obvious reference to the idea of making music videos to sell a record.

But the concept isn’t new to the acrobats, either.

A recent video that premiered on MTV featured LuzIA’s mother as a young woman in a circus outfit.

In 2011, Chinese YouTube star Chen Guangya posted a video titled “Where Is My Love” which featured LuZIA, the actress who plays the title role in the film, in a very similar costume.

A video for the Chinese rap group the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air appeared in 2013 featuring LuZia performing her own version of “Till The Day My Love”, which she said is based on the “magic ring” video.

It wasn’t until 2016 that LuZias first video was released, featuring her performing “Tille the Day” for a new crowd-funding campaign.

She was also seen performing in a similar dress in a video for a music label in March 2016.

The last time we heard of LuZIs acrobat was when she appeared in the music video that launched the new music video.

LuZIAS mother, meanwhile, is not the only one who has been making videos about her son.

In 2014, a video of LuzIAS performing a version of the song “Happy Birthday” with his mother for the “Love You” video project went viral.

“Happy birthday, LuZIya!” the girl-next-door sings in the video.

“I want to thank you for all you have done for my life,” she sings in response.

“When I was a kid, you taught me how to dance and how to be happy.

You made me happy.

Today, I’m so happy.”