How a New York City Naturist Took Down a Super Bowl Commercial

By JOSEPH KOPPELSTEINMAN and DANIEL BARKERON, NEW YORK CITY—An acrobats performance of “I Like It Like That” won the first-ever Academy Award for best visual effects.

The performance was captured by the acrobators behind the iconic commercial for the New York Giants, which was featured in the season finale of the ABC reality show “America’s Next Top Model.”

“It was a huge win for the acrobat,” the group’s president, Robert DeLuca, told the New Yorker.

“It really showed the world that they can make anything look amazing.

We really had a blast making it.”

The acrobatics troupe won the Academy Award at the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday.

The acrobatics troupe is a group of acrobat, ballet, and acrobacturing stars from New York who practice for competitions in the New Orleans area.

The group has performed at several events including the Super Bowl.

The ad has become an Internet sensation, drawing more than 6 million views on YouTube.

In a statement, DeLucas praised the stunt and said the group was thrilled.

“We’ve always wanted to perform this commercial, but we never thought it would be this iconic,” DeLucus said.

“Our biggest challenge was to create the most convincing performance that would be memorable and show the audience what it’s like to be an acrobat.”

Watch the commercial above.ABC News’ Dan Levine contributed to this report.