Meet the Acrobatic Troupe from Shanghai – A Shanghai-style circus

This week, we were able to meet the shanzhai troupe from the city of Shanghai, who are also known as acrobats.

As well as their performing skills, they have been performing since 2009.

Here’s how we caught up with them.

Meet the Acrostic Shansai trouple from Shanghai.

Shanghai is a city full of acrobators and circus performers.

We spoke to the Shansais about their upbringing and what makes them tick.

Shansai are a group of people who live in the city in order to learn and practice acrobatics.

They are the only circus in the country to be accredited by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and trained in acrobatic skills.

Shansae perform in various locations around the city.

We asked the troupe how they came up with their circus name.

Their name came from the fact that they are the first circus in China.

When we came up to the stage, we noticed that the audience was dancing.

I thought that the dancing was amazing, so I asked the audience to do it too.

I didn’t want to do a performance without the audience.

So I decided to call it the acrobatics troupe.

We call them the shansai because they are one of the most popular circus in Shanghai.

They also perform at the annual Shanghai Circus Festival.

The acrobatus is an act that is performed in a single motion, often in the same position, usually with the body extended and arms outstretched.

The troupe performs in different locations, such as in a park, on the roof of a building or even on a street corner.

The performance is a lot more than just the bare basics of acrobatical acrobaty.

We see acrobates at events and festivals and we have also performed at shows for the world famous American circus company, the New York Philharmonic.

We have performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company and for the British Royal Opera.

The show’s theme is “We are Acrobats” and we sing along to songs from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

We also perform our songs on stage and have our own performance videos, which you can watch below.

Here’s a video of us performing at the Shanghai Circus in the middle of the night.

It’s a lot of fun to be at the stage and to see the audience dancing, especially in the winter.

It’s always nice to be able to dance in the open air.

You can get tickets for the Shanghai Acrobatus Festival here:Shansae live at the Acrobatics Festival Shanghai 2017.

ShANghai is known for their acrobate circus performances.

The Shansas perform in the Chinese capital in the late evening and early morning, sometimes during the week and other times during the holidays.

The festival attracts hundreds of people from all over China.

You are probably wondering why I asked them for a circus name, I don’t think they would know the answer.

The word circus is from the Chinese name for the animals and shows, meaning circus.

I think the name circus comes from the circus act.

We don’t like to be called circus performers, so the name shan shansae comes from that.

The name shansais comes from their circus training, because we train every day to be the best circus performers in the world.

I’ve been learning circus acrobaticism and have trained at the Beijing circus, so my name and the name acrobatos come from the same word.

So we called it shanshai because we learned the circus from Beijing.

I hope the name helps you understand what we do and what it’s all about.