When will we get to see the Australian acrobats?

On the eve of the 2016 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released a statement about the athletes who are likely to compete at the games in Rio de Janeiro.

The International Olympic committee is currently trying to find the best athletes to compete in Rio.

It is expected that a number of athletes will have their performances put to the test during the opening ceremony of the games.

The opening ceremony will also feature performances from some of the world’s most talented acrobati.

Among them are Michael Phelps, Tom Hanks and Mark Wahlberg.

All three have performed at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Read more: Rio de de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016: What to expect from the opening showpiece event in Olympic history The opening ceremonies will be hosted by American comedian and singer Jon Stewart.

Stewart has been an Olympic hopeful in Rio since 1996 and he is set to host the opening shows.

He is a huge fan of the Australian team, which he is also the managing director of.

The IOC says the opening performances will be shown on a live feed and on an iPad in the stadium.

The first Olympic Games will be held in 2020.

There will be an extra day to accommodate the arrival of the athletes.

The IPC says that the performances will include performances by some of Australia’s most popular musicians.

Among those will be former Olympic gold medallist Michael Chabon, former Australian Olympic gold medalist Mark Rylance, and the singer and actor, David Furnish.

The opening ceremonies are scheduled to start at 8am AEDT (8am GMT) on August 8.

There are several other dates to get to know the athletes of the opening days.

The main event will be the Opening Ceremony.

It will feature performances by the Australian women’s gymnastics team, and an Australian swimming team.

There is also a boxing match between Australian boxer and Olympic bronze medallists John Makdessi and Timor Tandang.

Read our full Rio 2016 coverage: The Opening Ceremonies will also be shown live on the Olympic Games website.

The Opening ceremony will take place at the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) building, and other venues.

The athletes will arrive in the Australian capital on August 10.