The first lady’s $5 million video of her singing, dancing, and making her husband smile

luzias acrobat crew, performing a number of acrobatic routines during the US Presidential Election, will perform at the Presidential Inauguration in January. 

The group, who include luzya acrobat trainer and dancer-turned-performance artist, Laila O’Brien, and singer-songwriter, Lili Yachty, will be performing alongside the likes of Beyonce, Adele, and the Rolling Stones in a video titled A Million Voices, which was shot for the Presidential election, and will be released to coincide with President Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

In the video, Luzia performs her signature acrobat routine, where she spins on the ground while wearing an oversized cape and gloves and holding a sign reading “TRUMP, DO NOT BUSH” as the crowd laughs. 

Luzia has also been known to perform during the Presidential Inaugural festivities as well, performing in a costume as the First Lady in a live rendition of the “Dancing in the Dark” song from The Phantom of the Opera. 

But Luzias new video is the first time that her husband, former President Joe Biden, will have been seen performing a video. 

“We were blown away by the response from the American people when we made the video,” Luzias acrobat team member, Lilar Yachter, told Business Insider. 

 “He was so kind to invite us on the tour and give us the opportunity to show off our incredible acrobatics and dance skills. 

He is a true American patriot, and he deserves our thanks for supporting his country.” 

“A Million People” will be Luziamas first solo concert appearance as President, the group said in a statement. 

For the event, LLuas acrobats will perform a number, including the classic “Dance of the Spades”, followed by “Let Me In”. 

“It’s been a long time coming for our team of acrobat performers, and we are so proud to be able to perform for our fellow Americans,” LLuis acrobat and dancer trainer and co-owner, Liza Tafoya, told US News & World Report. 

They are also looking forward to their first trip abroad. 

Last week, Biden announced that he would be hosting an event for the American President’s first inaugural ball in February, which will be the first major ball in history. 

According to the US Today website, Biden’s inauguration will be held on January 20, 2020, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. 

As of January, Biden has not yet confirmed any plans for his inauguration.