‘Hollywood Girl’ Jinan Acrobatic & Dancers performing at Disney’s ‘Frozen’ premiere

Disney is teaming up with a young female dance troupe to stage a Disney’s Frozen concert at Walt Disney World Resort this week, the company announced Tuesday.

The “Hollywood Girls” are the result of a partnership between the Disney Parks and California State University’s Chico campus and the Chico Dance Company, according to a press release.

The “Honey and the Hormone” will perform at the “Frozen” premiere in the new plaza, which opened May 29.

The dance troup will perform a full-length version of the song “Holly Jolly Christmas” for “the first time,” the release said.

A photo posted by @dance_chico on Jul 23, 2017 at 8:24am PDTDisney announced a collaboration with Chico in 2018, when the university partnered with the Walt Disney Animation Studios to create the Chicano Dance Company.

The company, which started in 2009, was the first dance troubouquet to be produced by Walt Disney Imagineering and is now the official partner of the Chics in the Walt Hollywood Studios.

The troupe has been performing for about 10 years at Disneyland and Walt Disney Parks.

Chico is a dance company that’s a part of the California State Polytechnic State University, which also has its own Chico dance troubo.

It’s led by dancer Jani M. Acobado, who earned a bachelor’s degree in dance from Chico State in 2017.

She also studied at the Chino School of Dance.