How to get a gig in China as a circus performer

Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe, the Chinese juggernaut of the Chinese circus arts, has been recruiting talented dancers, actors and musicians for its circus team for years.

Its talent is also increasingly available in Hollywood, with a recent production of the musical The Jungle Book, starring Emma Stone and Will Ferrell, drawing rave reviews and making it to No. 1 on the charts.

The troupe has also worked with Broadway productions, including the upcoming revival of The Jungle, and it recently announced plans to make a film version of the hit TV series, The Jungle.

Now, Tianjing has announced that it has secured the services of a talented female circus performer.

A spokesperson for Tianjiang said in a statement that the company has reached out to a female circus player who is “experienced and talented.”

The company has previously announced that the circus troupe will work on a production of Hamilton.

The announcement was made during the Tianjia Festival, the annual Chinese arts festival.

“We will also create a special talent group for the team and introduce them to the industry,” the spokesperson said.

“There will be opportunities for them to perform in China, which we hope will help them get better at their craft.”

The statement said that the team will begin rehearsals on Aug. 1.

In recent years, the Tianshi circus has also opened the door for performers from across the globe.

Last year, the troupe opened its first theater in Hong Kong.

“This will allow us to expand the circus team’s reach and expand the international reach of the company,” the statement said.