Chinese acrobats troupe brings music to Calgary’s downtown core

By CBC Staff Writer A chinese choreography troupe has performed a Chinese dance in the downtown core of Calgary for the first time.

The performance at Calgary Convention Centre Saturday night included traditional Chinese dance and choreography, including traditional Chinese archery and archery skills, the Calgary Police Service said.

It was also an opportunity to engage the community and connect with other local artists.

The Calgary International Festival of Chinese Dance is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Police were on hand to make sure the performance was OK.

Calgary Police Chief Mark Saunders said the Calgary International Film Festival, the Canadian Film Institute and the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre all held events around the city for the past decade.

They have been instrumental in connecting with Calgary Chinese communities, said Saunders.

“They’re very proud of what they do, and what they represent, and they’re just incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do that,” said Saunders, who attended the event.

He said the troupe is known for its diverse repertoire.

“We have many performers from different backgrounds, different cultures, from different parts of the world,” he said.

“That’s why we want to have a good mix of different performers, and we want them to come in and do something that they’re proud of.”

The troupe, called The China Acrobats, performs at Calgary International in the early morning hours of Aug. 16.

The Chinese Acrobatic Company is run by veteran choreographer, Lin Hui, who has worked with some of Canada’s biggest names such as Bill Murray, Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters.

Lin has been performing at international events since 1997.

“I have to say it’s a very special event because it’s our first time doing it,” Lin said.

The performance included traditional and modern Chinese dance, as well as traditional Chinese martial arts and archers skills.

The choreography included traditional dances such as the “Bao Gong” or “Shua Gong,” which involve using a bow, sword and a pole as a weapon.

Lin said the performance included some surprises.

“It’s not just Chinese, it’s not only Chinese, we had a number of different ethnicities and cultures come in, and different costumes and costumes of different styles,” he told CBC Calgary.

“So we had to do something a little different to really show off our Asian and our Chinese culture and history.

We had a big dance with all the different ethnic groups and cultures.

We didn’t want to show off just our Chinese, so we had people come and perform and sing.”

There was one guy from Thailand who was really into dancing, and it was really fun for him to come and come back and dance and perform with us.

“The event is one of several that have been held in Calgary for Chinese Cultural Centres over the past few years.

Calgary’s International Chinese Cultural Society is one such organization.

The Calgary International Music Festival is also coming up this year and organizers hope to have events in place for several years, including the Calgary Cultural Centre.

The Calgary Chinese Dance Company will also perform at the Calgary Convention Center in the future.