China’s soccer troupe: ‘We’re not in the business of being arrogant’

China’s homegrown soccer troupo, ACROT, is set to perform on a Chinese stage at the 2016 Olympics, according to a report on Wednesday.

The troupe was formed last year by two friends in Shanghai, and has played on a regular basis since the 2014 Olympics.

It has since become an international brand and has staged many performances in China, including at the World Cup in Brazil last summer and at the FIFA World Cup final in Russia last year.ACROT will perform at the opening ceremony on Aug. 10, according the Beijing News.

It is scheduled to perform three nights at the Beijing Olympics.

The troupe has been awarded the title of China’s ‘most important’ sports organization and its leader Zhang Xiaolin, a former boxer and former coach of the China National Gymnastics Association, has been appointed the new chief of the Olympic Committee.

The organization has received an unprecedented number of awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize and the World Health Organization’s top honor for public health.