When Chinese acrobats perform at the Olympics

In the final hours of the 2016 Rio Olympics, China’s Olympic athletes performed their acrobatically-themed acrobat-themed choreography at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics.

They also took turns performing an acrobatics routine.

But there was a notable omission from the Olympics opening ceremony: Chinese acrobat dancers.

The organizers of the Games had not previously included acrobati in the opening ceremonies, but they were required to do so because the IOC did not include the sport of acrobatics in the Games’ Organizing Committee.

The IOC’s decision to include the dance has angered some Chinese athletes, including Liu Xinglin, who called the omission a “bombshell.”

Liu, who was born in China and lives in Switzerland, said the decision to omit the dancers from the opening events had been made without consultation with him or his teammates.

“They’ve been in the Olympic Village for more than two years and the IOC doesn’t even give them a chance to be here,” Liu said.

Liu, a former member of China’s national gymnastics team, said he was not surprised by the IOC’s exclusion of Chinese acro-dancers, which is “an insult to the Chinese Olympic legacy.”

“It’s like saying we’ll only include the dancers in the Paralymics, even though they’re all Chinese athletes,” Liu added.

The lack of Chinese dancers in Rio 2016 also drew criticism from several prominent Chinese sports fans, including Li Xiaogang, a longtime Beijing-based athlete who is also an official at the Chinese Ministry of Sports.

“I think that the Chinese athletes were treated poorly,” Li said of the IOC.

“We had to take action against them.

We’ve been saying that for a long time.

But we didn’t get any help.”

The IOC was forced to apologize for the omission, which occurred at the same time that China’s gymnastics federation announced the postponement of the Asian Games, which were to take place in Japan in 2018.

Liu said the IOC had not addressed the issue with him and his teammates, and they are not happy about it.

“It was a shame,” he said.

“But the IOC didn’t take care of us.

It didn’t even acknowledge our request to be included in the Opening Ceremonies.”