Why Chinese acrobats are ‘wonderful’ and ‘amazing’ as their fans flaunt their talents

Chinese acrobatics troupe The China Acrobatic Arts is back after a five-year absence, performing its signature acrobatically-stunts in a variety of genres, including dance and music. 

The troupe was founded in 2003 by a group of Chinese acrophysicians and dancers and is one of the biggest and most successful Chinese acro-stylists in the world. 

After the group disbanded in 2012, the Chinese acrocodists began collaborating with the West on a number of projects, including the global Dancing with the Stars (DTV) series, the Beijing Ballet Theatre and a number on the Chinese version of the American TV show Downton Abbey. 

On Monday, the Chinese acropolys celebrated their fifth birthday by performing the world’s first-ever live dance, the “Serendipity Dance” to the classic American hit, “I Love You”. 

According to the Chinese ACRO website, the troupe’s performance is “a very special and special occasion for us, which we can share with the whole world”. 

The performance, which was broadcast live on China’s state-run CCTV network on Monday, saw more than 2,000 dancers in Chinese and foreign costumes perform for about 15,000 people in a show that included a “Chinese Acrobats” dance and some traditional Chinese dance moves.

“We were able to create a show where the audience felt like they were part of the world and a place where we can celebrate and sing songs of love,” said China Acrobacy leader Zhang Zhen, a dance choreographer and choreographer with the trouper’s dance group.

“We hope that people will take part and will celebrate the amazing and wonderful world we live in.” 

The show featured the Chinese choreographer performing “A New Beginning”, a traditional Chinese song with traditional Chinese lyrics. 

“I love you, you’re so beautiful, I love you and you’re mine,” Zhang told the audience.

“You are the reason why I love myself.

You are the light in my heart.

We are all a part of one family,” he said.”

I want to say thanks to you for being so loving and caring, and I hope you will be a part on our world tour,” he added. 

For Zhang, the performance was a very special occasion. 

He said that the troup had been looking forward to the show since last year, when they began performing with the same acrobatics and dance techniques. 

Chinese acrobacy troupe performing with Serentine dance, China, Acrobates, The Chinese Acrobatics, and The Sergio Ziotto, China, March 2018.

“It was a really special day for us because it was the first time we had the chance to perform on CCTV,” Zhang said. 

China’s dance trouper group Serenity danced together to the “Love Song” from The Beatles album In My Life. 

Source TIME